Carer Support

Carer Support

At Shelf Pharmacy we offer a full dispensing and free delivery service to all local patients (within 5 miles). Our services are tailored to meet the individual needs of all patients to ensure you receive the service you require.

We provide excellent support and are able to offer a full range of weekly and monthly Monitored Dosage Systems as well as traditional boxes and bottles. We also provide comprehensive MAR (Medicines Administration Record) charts if required and can deliver monthly and interim medications to your home.

We are able to offer day-to-day advice and support over the telephone. We are also able to offer a comprehensive Medicines Use Review (so that you know why you are taking your medicines and the best way to take them). This is an NHS service and can be undertaken in your own home should you be housebound.

If you require more information please email or telephone us on 0845 521 1272.

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