Kanga Pouch 'n' Pad Pants (Medium) - 1 Pair
Kanga Pouch 'n' Pad Pants (Medium) - 1 Pair

Size: 1 Pair
RRP: £5.46
Our Price: £4.95
Kanga Pouch 'n' Pad Pants (Medium) - 1 Pair

Kanga Pouch 'n' Pad Pants (Medium) - 1 Pair

The Kanga Pouch 'n' Pad system is designed to overcome the problems associated with urinary incontinence, odour, embarrassment, discomfort and endless spoilt clothes. Kanga Pants give the wearer the confidence and freedom of self-management.

Kanga Pants feature a discreet, externally fitted waterproof marsupial pouch to hold Kanga pads and have both elasticated waist and legs which are fully adjustable to ensure a comfortable, individual fit.

How Kanga Pants Work - Moisture passes through the 'one way' knitted fabric of the Kanga Pant into the Kanga Pad. The pad provides excellent absorption, whilst the garment separates the wearer from the wet pad, reducing the risk of rashes and soreness.

Hip Size - 91-105 cm

Price excludes VAT-Exemption Certificate forwarded with order


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