Hedrin Lotion - 50ml is a Pharmacy Medicine (under the Medicines Act). Please answer the short questions below so our pharmacist can ensure that the medicine is suitable for use. If you need to contact our pharmacist please telephone 0845 5211272 or email thepharmacist@shelfpharmacy.co.uk.

Hedrin Lotion - 50ml
Hedrin Lotion - 50ml

Size: 50ml
RRP: £4.99
Our Price: £4.49

Hedrin Lotion - 50ml

Hedrin Lotion is a clear, colourless solution, containing Dimeticone 4 per cent w/w as the active ingredient.

Dimeticone is a silicone compound, widely used in the cosmetics industry, which is highly effective against head lice.

Dimeticone is not a chemical poison.  It works by a physical process which effectively covers and drowns the louse.

Treats a single head.

Do not use on babies under six months of age.


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