Cura-Heat Arthritis Pain for Knee - 4 Pack
Cura-Heat Arthritis Pain for Knee - 4 Pack

Size: 4 Pack
RRP: £4.99
Our Price: £4.49

Cura-Heat Arthritis Pain for Knee - 4 Pack

Cura-Heat Arthritis Pain for Knee is a self-heating system which stays in place over the knee area delivering deep comforting heat for up to 8 hours, to provide targeted temporary relief to arthritis pain.

  • No need for preparation, just open the sachet and insert the heat pack into the wrap pockets.
  • The comforting heat can help relieve the pain and aches associated with arthritis in the joint area by increasing blood circulation.
  • Non-medicinal, portable and discreet, Cura-Heat Arthritis Pain can be used anywhere and anytime.

Do not use:

  • Over an area with the presence of redness, inflammation, over broken/bruised or irritated skin.
  • Whilst sleeping.
  • In conjunction with other creams, rubs or lotions applied to the skin or with/near to other heat sources.

Consult your doctor or pharmacist before using this product if:

  • You have rheumatoid arthritis, poor circulation, nerve damage, sensory impairment or a skin condition.
  • You have diabetes.
  • You are pregnant.

Not suitable for use on children.

If you have any other symptoms after taking this product, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Keep out of reach of children. Always read the label.


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