Braun Oral-B 5000 Triumph Professional Toothbrush
Braun Oral-B 5000 Triumph Professional Toothbrush

Size: 1 complete unit
RRP: £169.99
Our Price: £49.99

Braun Oral-B 5000 Triumph Professional Toothbrush

Includes 6 brush heads! Premium charger, A travel case, an instructional DVD and the innovative LCD display SmartGuide from Braun.

Oral-B’s most technologically advanced toothbrush—Triumph with SmartGuide—provides extraordinary cleaning and improves brushing habits. Its innovative wireless display provides while-you-brush feedback to promote optimal brushing habits.

A toothbrush that uses a RFID (Radio Identification Frequency) microchip built into the brush head to communicate with a wireless LCD display. This is the most state of the art toothbrush out there.

Improves gum health. Helps prevent and reverse gingivitis. Provides ultimate plaque removal.Delivers superior teeth whitening and polishing action in 21 days. Penetrates between teeth to sweep away plaque for a floss-like clean.Helps reduce excessive brushing force, which can lead to gum recession, by up to 88% in only 30 days.Guaranteed better checkups, or your money back. Helps you brush for two minutes with SmartGuide. 

  • 6 brush heads - 1 floss action, 1 Sensitive, 1 Probright, 1 Oral B interspace, 1 Oral B Tongue Cleaner, 1 Oral B Interdental Cleaner

Price includes P & P to the UK.


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