AFP Ultima Lite Nebuliser System - 1 unit
AFP Ultima Lite Nebuliser System - 1 unit

Size: 1 unit
RRP: £249.00
Our Price: £195.00
AFP Ultima Lite Nebuliser System - 1 unit

AFP Ultima Lite Nebuliser System - 1 unit

This is the ultimate in compressor systems from the British manufacturer AFP.

If you experience ongoing breathing problems or severe asthma attacks, your doctor or hospital may prescribe a nebuliser. This converts liquid medicine into a fine mist, or aerosol, which you inhale to treat your condition. Nebulisers deliver larger doses than inhalers and provide rapid relief from acute symptoms.

Standard medicines used are relievers and preventers, for controlling airway obstruction and inflammation. Additionally, antibiotics, steroids, enzymes, insulin and pain relievers are sometimes administered with a nebuliser. Nebulisers are used throughout the world in both adult and paediatric medical practice.

A high-efficiency nebuliser such as the Aquineb converts a very high proportion of the medicine into droplets under 5µ across, which penetrate deep into the lungs to bring maximum benefit. The nebuliser is fitted with either a facemask or a mouthpiece, according to your preference. Sometimes, your specialist may advise you to use only a mouthpiece with some medicines.

A nebuliser system consists of the Aquineb nebuliser along with a compressor to power it.

There are various domestic mains versions to high-tech ones with an integrated rechargeable battery such as the AFP Ultima Lite compressor. This system has in addition connections to mains and from car cigar-lighter.

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