A+D Dual Memory Blood Pressure Monitor (UA-774)
A+D Dual Memory Blood Pressure Monitor (UA-774)

RRP: £79.99
Our Price: £59.99

A+D Dual Memory Blood Pressure Monitor (UA-774)

  • Dual memory Auto-Inflate.
  • Ideal for two or more people.
  • 60 memory capacity.
  • Provides average blood pressure readings.
  • AC adaptor included. Two cuffs included (medium and large).
  • Latex Free.

Keeping track of blood pressure readings for the entire family can now be done with just monitor. This monitor provides individual and average blood pressure readings for two. A guest mode is also included for others to obtain their readings.

This monitor is equipped with two start buttons - one for each user - and each button can store up to 30 readings for a total of 60 measurements. It also has a unique Irregular Heartbeat Feature which provides a blood pressure and pulse rate reading even when an irregular heartbeat occurs, making this an ideal kit for the entire family. Modern, illuminated display.

Offers great value to the customer. Alerts the user of the presence of an irregular heart beat during reading.

Four week blood pressure logbook.


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