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Your online security is very important to us here at Shelf Pharmacy. Thats is why we use the latest security measures to ensure that any information you provide about yourself in the registration process is kept securely and will never be passed to any 3rd parties.

Shelf Pharmacy do not store any of your payment details anywhere. When making a payment you will be passed to our SECURE PAYMENT GATEWAY, provided by Secure Trading (

When you are passed to the SECURE PAYMENT GATEWAY you will notice that the URL of the page begins with https:// - this means that the page is hosted on a secure server and all transactions taking place are encrypted, so your card details are protected. SecureTrading's online payment system is the most sophisticated available. All financial transactions are processed securely behind protected firewalls, allowing us to safely process your card payment with the bank. Financial details are never left unencrypted on any part of our system, and are never sent by Internet email.

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