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Internet Pharmacy Logo - 11/06/2011

The General Pharmaceutical Council operates an Internet Pharmacy Logo to identify legitimate online pharmacies so that the public can be sure they are purchasing safe and genuine medicines online. The logo is designed to help the public identify legitimate websites that are operated from pharmacies that are registered with the GPhC. The logo not only provides a visual means to help patients identify whether a website is connected to a registered pharmacy, but it will also provide a direct link to the GPhC website. By clicking on the logo, visitors can verify the registration details of both the pharmacy and the pharmacist(s) behind the website. You can search for the internet pharmacy displaying the logo in the pharmacy premises register. The number which appears on the logo of the internet pharmacy is the registration number of that pharmacy. You can use this number to perform a real-time search of the register to confirm that the pharmacy is registered.

Lipotrim - 15/11/2010

We are pleased to offer the successful Lipotrim weight-loss programme from our Pharmacy. Obesity is a major national health issue and ever greater numbers of people are looking to lose excess weight quickly and safely. Among the more serious side effects of obesity are greater risk of developing diabetes (type 2), higher cholesterol levels and being more prone to heart disease. Losing even a small amount of weight has many benefits to your health including: Increased energy levels Helping you to move about more easily Reducing breathlessness Reducing joint pain Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol Reducing the risk of diabetes and heart disease However, losing weight is not easy to achieve but the pharmacist supervised Lipotrim programme is a nutritionally balanced total-food replacement programme designed to help overweight patients (i.e. those with more than 3 stone to lose or with a BMI over 25) lose weight rapidly and safely. More importantly, once the initial weight has been lost, the Lipotrim programme works to keep it off.

Superdrug - 05/08/2010

You may have seen the recent publicity by Superdrug about their new 'low' private prescription charges-at Shelf Pharmacy we have offered consistently low prices for many months and our prices are still lower than our competitors including Superdrugs-as our many loyal customers will testify.A private prescription is not written on an official NHS prescription form and so not paid for by the NHS. It is typically written on the doctors' surgery letter headed paper. The cost of a private prescription is met wholly by the patient. Any registered doctor can provide a private prescription.

FLOMAX Relief MR - 25/03/2010

BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) is a progressive enlargement of the prostate gland that leads to lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) such as hesitancy, weak stream and urgency. The enlargement is caused by long-term exposure of the prostate to testosterone, as a result of ageing. Prostate enlargement puts pressure on the urethra where it passes through the gland, obstructing the flow of urine and causing LUTS. In addition, the bladder wall muscle may thicken and this loss of elasticity may reduce the volume of urine it may hold. The symptoms of BPH can often be relieved by lifestyle changes, with medication, and if necessary by surgery. Some men with an enlarged prostate have found that the following lifestyle changes can alleviate symptoms: - Avoid drinking large amounts of liquid at any time – however, it is important to keep well hydrated - Avoid drinks altogether before going to bed – exact quantities and timescales are determined by the individual - Reduce the amount of alcohol consumed (alcohol can stimulate the bladder) - Cut back on coffee, tea, cola or any other drinks that contain caffeine because it can stimulate the bladder - Check any medicines being taken. Tricyclic antidepressants, antimuscarinics (drugs with anticholinergic action), and sedating antihistamines can cause retention of urine and make problems with urinating worse. Drug treatment is with a drug known as an alpha-blocker, such as tamsulosin (the active ingredient in FLOMAX Relief) which relaxes the muscle of the prostate and bladder outlet, or with a drug known as a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, such as finasteride (available on prescription), which shrinks the prostate. Both drugs are used together in some cases. There are some herbal remedies and food supplements (e.g. saw palmetto and isoflavones) available without prescription for treating urinary symptoms. However, there is not enough evidence to show the effectiveness of these products and so are not widely recommended for men with BPH.

Real Danger Campaign - 20/11/2009

More than one in seven British adults surveyed (15%) admitted to bypassing the healthcare system to get hold of prescription only medicine without a prescription, a practice which 78% of GPs surveyed say is putting people's health and potentially lives at risk as some of the medicines obtained in this way may be counterfeit. These statistics from recent UK surveys show that more and more people are putting themselves in danger from buying fake pills - it's estimated that between 50 to 90 per cent of medicines sold without a prescription or through unregulated websites are counterfeit . People buy medicines in this way because they think they are getting cheaper drugs, faster delivery, a better choice - in fact they're taking a real gamble with their health. Counterfeit medicines can be dangerous. Fake pills could make you very ill.

Snowfire Ointment Stick is back! - 05/09/2009

A solid emollient ointment for chapped hands and chillblains. The product is both soothing and fast acting with a unique formulation.

Swine Flu - 30/04/2009

The advice from the NHS is that preventing the spread of germs is the single most effective way to slow the spread of diseases like pandemic flu. You can protect yourself and your family by ensuring everyone washes their hands regularly with soap and water, and by cleaning surfaces regularly. You can prevent a virus spreading to others by: always carrying tissues using tissues to cover your mouth and nose when you cough and sneeze binning the tissues as soon as possible washing your hands regularly. CATCH IT. BIN IT. KILL IT. is a simple way to remember this. For more detailed advice click on our link to NHS Choices on the Home page

alli - 23/04/2009

alli is clinically proven to boost weight loss when added to a reduced caloried, lower-fat diet. alli is the first pharmacy-only weight loss aid licensed throughout Europe - it isn’t a miracle pill or quick-fix solution. It encourages steady, gradual weight loss and helps to reward your efforts where it matters – the scales. alli works in a unique way. The active ingredient, orlistat, attaches itself to some of the body's enzymes that break down fat. This prevents some of the fat you eat from being digested and absorbed. alli isn’t a stimulant or an appetite suppressant. It’s formulated to work only in your digestive system and should not affect your heart rate, your brain or cause sleeplessness.

Virulite Cold Sore Machine - 30/03/2009

Volunteers who took part in the clinical trials of Virulite reported a significant reduction in the recurrence rate of cold sores at the treatment site as well as a rapid reduction in the discomfort and tingling normally associated with the cold sore eruption. If you suffer from embarrassing recurrent cold sores and are dreading the next attack you will be familiar with that apprehensive feeling. You know that within the next few weeks or even hours a cold sore will appear to spoil your day! A sunny holiday abroad or ski trip Meeting a new date Family worries Under pressure at work Feeling "off colour" Any of these factors will reduce your immunity to such an extent that the dreaded herpes simplex virus can take control!

Nebulser Systems - 14/02/2009

If you experience ongoing breathing problems or severe asthma attacks, your doctor or hospital may prescribe a nebuliser. This converts liquid medicine into a fine mist, or aerosol, which you inhale to treat your condition. Nebulisers deliver larger doses than inhalers and provide rapid relief from acute symptoms. Standard medicines used are relievers and preventers, for controlling airway obstruction and inflammation. Additionally, antibiotics, steroids, enzymes, insulin and pain relievers are sometimes administered with a nebuliser. Nebulisers are used throughout the world in both adult and paediatric medical practice. A high-efficiency nebuliser such as the Aquineb converts a very high proportion of the medicine into droplets under 5µ across, which penetrate deep into the lungs to bring maximum benefit. The nebuliser is fitted with either a facemask or a mouthpiece, according to your preference. Sometimes, your specialist may advise you to use only a mouthpiece with some medicines

Chlamydia Test Kit - 27/12/2008

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by bacteria, which may be transmitted through unprotected sex. Chlamydia can affect both men and women and is known as a silent infection because it does not often present any symptoms (asymptomatic). Approximately 1 in 10 sexually active young people who take a Chlamydia test find they have got the STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection . Once you purchase/receive the Clamelle Chlamydia Test Kit, follow the instructions in the box and complete the test at home. The key steps are that you will need to collect a urine sample then fill out a test request form in the box. At the bottom of the test request form is a patient tear off slip (verification slip) that you need to retain. It is very important to keep this safe, as it will be needed to verify your test results and obtain treatment if necessary. You then need to return the test request form and urine sample in the prepaid package direct to Gordon Laboratory Group (GLG).

Lipotrim - 11/10/2008

We are pleased to announce that we are now appointed local agents for Lipotrim. To find out more call in or telephone 0845 5211 272.

Prostate Problems - 11/10/2008

Older men are more likely to experience problems relating to their prostate gland. It enlarges, slowly putting pressure on the outflow tube resulting in a slower stream and often a need to pass urine more frequently, including during the night. This condition is known as benign prostatic hypertrophy. More rarely, men develop cancer of the prostate which causes similar symptoms. If you have these symptoms your doctor will want to examine your prostate which means inserting a gloved finger up the rectum. This allows the doctor to check the size of the gland and also for any evidence of cancer. He may perform a blood test and a urine test to confirm diagnosis and to rule out other infections. If your doctor finds there is a severe obstruction or he suspects cancer he will refer you to a specialist kidney and bladder surgeon (urologist). If the obstruction is of a lesser degree he will probably prescribe some medication which will either help the muscle wall of the outflow tube to open more, or slowly shrink the size of the prostate gland. Should you require surgery, it is normally done via the penis and does not involve external scarring. It takes out the protruding centre of the gland thus leaving a larger passage. Occasionally, a more major operation is required which does involve a scar above the pubic bone. You should visit your doctor if you experience any changes in your urinary frequency and the speed of outflow. Our Advice would be to see your doctor if you have changed urine flow. He will need to examine your prostate to check its size and may also do a urine test to check for any infections. If there is a severe obstruction or suspicion of cancer your doctor will refer you to a urologist. For lesser obstructions your doctor will probably prescribe some tablets which will slowly shrink the prostate. Our pharmacist is available to advise you about the symptoms of prostate problems and about any medication you have been prescribed. We also stock a range of supplements that may help in keeping your prostate gland healthy.

Vitanail Nail Treatment - 08/10/2008

We have a new natural product for the treatment of brittle and unsightly nails-Vitanail. This is made by ProFoot the specialists in footcare products. To use: Wash and dry feet thoroughly. Remove cap from the pen and apply Vitanail to the entire surface of the nail (including the underside of the front-most edge). Allow 1 to 2 minutes for the solution to fully soak into the nail before putting on footwear. Effectiveness can be improved further by filing down the surface of seriously thickened nails and by moistening the nail with warm water before applying. Replace pen cap firmly. Repeat twice daily for the first 3-4 weeks then apply once daily. Always remove nail varnish before applying.

Numark Own-Brand - 10/09/2008

Our Numark own-brand range offers both quality and value for money. We feel that the products in this range are the equal of major brands. To support this we offer a full refund if you are unhappy with any Numark purchase.

New Allergy Screening Service - 03/09/2008

We have a new Allergy Screening Service accredited by Allergy UK and undertaken by our pharmacist Lucy Pilgrim. For more information go to

Travellers Ignore Malaria Risk - 16/07/2008

10/07/2008 Travellers ignore malaria risk Statistics show that the burden of disease due to malaria has increased steadily over the past two decades, Health Protection Agency travel medicine experts have warned. Most of the cases seen in UK travellers were in patients visiting friends or family in Africa and South Asia. On average, only 42 per cent of UK travellers report taking medication to prevent the disease, and those visiting friends and family were less likely to use prophylactic treatment. However, this group is also at higher risk than other travellers.

Cigarette Smoking - 05/06/2008

Cigarettes - whether they're light, lower-tar or regular - contain more than 4,000 chemicals, including at least 40 that increase the risk of cancer. They also contain nicotine, which does not cause cancer but is the reason why you crave a cigarette. In fact, nicotine can actually help you stop smoking if you use Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) products which can double your chances of quitting compared to willpower alone, and are designed to give you the nicotine you crave without the cancer-causing smoke. And then as you step down the dosage they gradually reduce your need for nicotine until you dont need it any more. And even though the effects of smoking on your health aren't exactly news, you might be surprised at the number of ways smoking impacts your health - and at the benefits you can enjoy if you quit at any age.

Bladder Weakness - 05/06/2008

Bladder weakness, otherwise known as incontinence, is a condition where the bladder leaks involuntarily. It is very common after childbirth and in elderly people. When using pads for bladder weakness you will need, on average, 3 pads each day. If you need more pads than this you should consider using a pad with a higher absorbency. Drink enough liquid, 3-4 pints a day, but try to cut down on alcoholic drinks, tea, coffee and fizzy drinks. Try to do pelvic floor exercises. Get advice from your GP, practice nurse or pharmacist to ensure you are doing them correctly. Your GP may also be able to prescribe tablets to help your condition. We can supply a range of pads for your condition. Pads for both men and women are available. For more information you can call the Tena advice line on 0845 30 80 80 30

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